Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trini Lopez in Brazil

Trini Lopez was king in Brazil as of late 1964 and the whole of 1965. He started meekly in mid-1964 with 'America' and 'La bamba' that reached Top Five at the charts and by November 1964 he was absolute #1 with 'Michael' that would play on the radio morning, noon and night.  

Then, in early 1965, came 'The Latin Album' that shot up to #1 and stayed there for half year. 'Perfidia' went to #1 in the singles charts and played on the radio morning, noon, night and in-between.

Trini Lopez singles in Brazil 

7R 17001 - America / If I had a hammer - Trini Lopez  (Don Costa production) - 1964
7R 17002 - La bamba / What'd I say? - Trini Lopez
7R 17004 - Everybody loves somebody sometimes / A little voice - Dean Martin 
7R 17005 - Bye bye love / Michael - Trini Lopez
7R 17016 - Sinner man / Double trouble - Trini Lopez - 1966

'America' was Trini's first single in Brazil. Odeon promoted the flip-side instead of 'If I had a hammer' because the latter had been a massive hit by Italian rocker Rita Pavone who sang it as 'Datemi un martello'.

'We'll sing in the sunshine' / 'Greenback dollar' released in 1966 had a different catalogue number: 3073. I don't know how it fits with the rest of Trini's discography. 

After 'America' and 'La bamba', Odeon released this EP with earlier hits Trini had recorded for another label and re-recorded for Reprise in L.A. 'Rosita' and 'Only in my dreams' played on the radio. 

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