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The Beach Boys in Brazil

I get around

I'm getting bugged driving up & down the same old strip
I gotta find a new place where the kids are hip 
my buddies & me are getting real well-known
yeah, the bad guys know us and they leave us alone

I get around - from town to town 
I'm a real cool head - I'm making real good bread 

We always take my car 'cause it's never been beat 
and we've never missed yet with the girls we meet
none of the guys go steady 'cause it wouldn't be right 
to leave their best girl home now on Saturday night

I get around - from town to town 
I'm a real cool head - I'm making real good bread 

round round get around, I get around, yeah 

written by Brian Wilson & Mike Love. 

The Beach Boys were not as nearly popular as The Beatles in Brazil but circa 1964-1965 they had placed 'I get around' and 'Help me Rhonda' in the lower rungs of Brazilian charts.

As of June 1964 through to late 1967, I used to get up early on Sunday mornings to listen to the 25 Best Selling Singles countdown beamed on Radio Bandeirantes or Radio Nacional in Sao Paulo. Those hit parade shows started at 10:00 AM lasting for 2 hours up to 12 noon. 

Not only did I listen to all the records but also made a point of writing their titles and artists' names down on a sheet of paper that I would later transcribe to a neat note-book to keep. That's how I kept tabs with the chart action in that glorious period. 

As I've always been a sucker for great voice harmonies The Beach Boys struck me as a gold mine and I rooted for their (few) records to get on to a higher position but I don't think either of their discs got higher than # 8. 

By 1966, when 'Barbara Ann' was released, I had become a serious fan of Italian pop music and would follow the Italian scene reading magazines such as 'Giovani' and 'Big'. That's how I realized The Beach Boys (along with the Rolling Stones and other British rock groups) were really much more popular in Italy than they were in Brazil. Their Italian 45 rpms had colourful picture-sleeves and were high up in the charts whereas in Brazil they were virtually ignored due to the rise of the Brazilian rock aka Jovem Guarda.

By 1967, I fell in love with beautiful 'Sloop John B'. I bought the Capitol-Odeon single but it didn't get higher than # 13 which was a pity. That was probably the last I heard of The Beach Boys in Brazil. One could say The Beach Boys had 4 middling hits in Brazil in the 1960s. Their highly praised 'Pet sounds' album was thoroughly ignored and differently from the rest of the world 'Good vibration' didn't even make it as a single.

Capitol / Odeon singles 

7C-11021 - Surfin' USA / Shut down - 1963

7C-11029 - Fun fun fun / Be true to your school - 1964

7C 11032 - I get around / Don't worry baby - 1964

7C 11045 - Help me, Rhonda / Kiss me baby - 1965

7C 11037 - Papa oown mow mow / The wanderer - 1965

7C 11049 - Barbara Ann (Fred Fassert) / Girl don't tell me - 1966

7C 11055 - Sloop John B / You're so good to me - 1967

7C 11056 - Heroes and villains (B.W.-Van Dyke Parks) / You're welcome (B. W.) -

7C 11071 - Do it again / Friends - 1968

(11.032) 'I get around' was the Beach Boys' first hit in Brazil. 
The Beach Boys (11.045) hit the air waves again with 'Help me, Rhonda'.

(11.037) The Beach Boys cover The Rivinstons' 'Papa-oom-mow-mow' b/w Dion's 'The wanderer'.
(11.049) 'Barbara Ann' b/w 'Girl, don't tell me'.
(11.056) The Beach Boys in 'Heroes and villains' b/w 'You're welcome' - 1967.


beautiful 'Darlin' was released as an E.P. in 1968 but it never got any air-play. Odeon didn't even care to 'update' the Beach Boys' photo on the EP sleeve. They were still re-printing 1964 pictures.  

from left to right: Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson & David Marks in 1962. Al Jardine had briefly quit the band at this stage.
1964 - Dennis Wilson, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine & Carl Wilson.

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